Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Tinnitus from Your Life

I don’t remember exactly when the ringing in my ears first started. There’s a good chance it started because of my frequent ear infections as a child. I do remember however the exact day the tinnitus intensified.

In fact, I remember the exact moment. I was with my son at a NASCAR race. We were sitting very low in the stands, just six rows from the track. We had rented radio headsets to both listen to the communications between drivers and their pits and as protection against the noise. At one point in the early part of the race, I took off my headset to remove my jacket as it was warming up.

To make a long story short, I was fumbling with my jacket as the group of cars circled the track, and headed back for us. 33 cars roared past us at full throttle. You must understand, these cars run without mufflers. The decibel levels of these cars reach close to 140 decibels.  That is the equivalent of a jet engine, and I had 33 of them pas in front of me, maybe 60 feet in front of me, and I had no hearing protection on. The sound was actually painful. It only took about 15 seconds for all the cars to pass, but that is all it took. Imagine someone takes a whistle and holds it an inch or so from your ear, and blows as loud as they can. The ringing started immediately. I didn’t think much of it at the time, assuming it would go away sometime that evening, or at worse overnight.

Eliminate Tinnitus

As you know, Tinnitus does not work that way. The ringing stayed, and luckily didn’t get worse, but also never went away. Some days it would be louder than others, and the volume would even change hour by hour.

As many of you have done as well, I visited my physician, and after some testing with an audiologist, the diagnosis was that nothing could be done, I should learn to live with it, and it could get better over time.

Well, that was more than 5 years ago, and the ringing in my ears never went away. It was there when I slept. it was certainly there when I awoke in the morning, it ways there when I worked, and it was most certainly there when I lay down at night and tried to sleep.

The Tinnitus was winning, it was slowly wearing me down. I went searching for answers, for natural remedies to tinnitus outside of the traditional medical, pharmacological routes. I looked for relief through diet, exercise, natural herbs and supplements, and even through meditation and biofeedback.

Here is the good news, through a combination of all of the above, it worked. I have experienced a tremendous amount of relief from my Tinnitus. It is not cured, it is not gone, but the volume of the ringing has been reduced by about eighty percent.

Eighty percent! There is hope for your Tinnitus. There are steps you can take, supplements you can try, exercises you can do that should help you relieve or reduce the effects of Tinnitus. Hopefully, over time, as you visit and revisit this website, you will find the relief you are desperately seeking.

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