Tinnitus Causes and Cures

What is Tinnitus?

First and foremost let’s talk about it; ringing in the ears is one of the first signs of the unfortunate condition. Tinnitus can also come in the form of buzzing or humming in the ears as well, it seems to come from deep inside, some people say it’s almost as if it comes from inside the head.

The condition can be quite uncomfortable to live with and have debilitating effects on a person’s life in various areas. Some of the areas which are commonly known to be affected negatively are: difficulties in sleeping, problems when concentrating and of course general hearing. There are several types of tinnitus each in its own class of severity and seriousness as well as degree of effects it will have on the patient or individual.

The ringing or buzzing sounds that take place can become more and more prevalent and distract with further damage and without treatment. And now that we’ve discussed what tinnitus is, let’s go into further details about it to give you a better understanding of how it happens and how it can be treated.

Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus Causes

After a concert, loud sports event or using a very noisy machine like a jackhammer, you may often hear ringing in your ears – even after you remove the loud noise. This ringing will usually go away if you wait for a short period of time. It is called tinnitus, and everyone experiences it from time to time when exposed to loud noises. Yet 2 out of every 10 people will hear the constant ringing in the ears. Or they have episodes that just come and go, for no obvious reason. The tinnitus could go on for months or even years, but it is usually only mild and a bit annoying.

The ear ringing that is caused by the diseases is caused several different factors. Each of the conditions can worsen with time; some of them can be treated easier than others.

Below are the causes for the conditions that cause tinnitus.

  •  Loss of hearing related to age – For many people, the effects of tinnitus don’t take effect until around the age of sixty. This is known as presbycusis and is an actual form of hearing loss.
  • Loud Noise Exposure – Any type of loud noise can cause the condition, it doesn’t matter if it comes from music or a work-related noise. Concerts and such cause the disease but will typically go away although long exposure to loud noises can cause permanent damage.
  • Blockage from Earwax – Earwax typically protects the ear canal by trapping dirt, debris and slowing down the growth of harmful bacteria. Problems arise when the wax buildup becomes too strong and can’t be washed away by normal means when this happens hearing loss can occur as a result of damage to the ear drum which then leads to tinnitus.
  • Changes in the Ear Bone – Stiffening of bones in the middle of your ear known as otosclerosis can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus. The condition is caused by abnormal growth of the bones and is usually hereditary.

More Common Tinnitus Causes

  • Meniere’s Disease – Tinnitus can lead to this unfortunate inner ear condition caused by fluid and abnormal pressure.
  • TMJ Disorders – This results from problems with the join in your head known as the temper mandibular joint where your mouth meets your skull.
  • Head or Neck Injuries – Either one of these can affect your inner ear, hearing nerves or parts of the brain linked to hearing.
  • Acoustic Trauma – If a non-cancerous or benign tumor forms on the cranial nerve the results may cause tinnitus, it usually only happens in one ear if this is the reason.

Pulsation Tinnitus

The ringing in ears caused by this type of tinnitus tends to be more rhythmical and oftentimes at the dame pulse as the heart. An easy way to check it is to feel the pulse rate of the heart while listening to the ear ringing. There are some other known types of the disease which are rhythmical as well but are not considered to be considered the pulsation type. In most cases it’s extremely difficult for a doctor to determine the exact cause of the tinnitus; it is easier in most regards with this type than the non-pulse related types.

Tinnitus Relief

There are several medications which can actually make the disease worse and loud music or noises will also have negative effects on the disease. In most cases, the disease becomes more severe with the more medication that is consumed. And in nearly every case the disease will stop when the person stops taking the drugs.

Some of the drugs known to cause tinnitus are the following:

  •  Antibiotics – Certain types like erythromycin, vancomycin, neomycin as well as polymyxin B have been known to cause tinnitus.
  • Medications for Cancer – Several cancer medications like vincristine and mechlorethamine are known to worsen the condition.
  • Water Pills and Diuretics – Even simple diuretics like ethacrynic acid and furosemide as well as bumetanide can cause the conditions to become worst.
  • Quinine Type Medications – The same pills used to fight malaria and substance found in tonic water may cause stronger effects.
  • Antidepressants of Some Types – Possibly worsens the disease although not definite.
  • Aspirin – If taken in overly high doses this can be one of the most harmful to tinnitus, it usually requires someone to take a dozen or more a day which is very rare but does happen.

Tinnitus Cures & Tinnitus Remedies

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